Safe Locksmith

We are a SAVTA Approved Safe Locksmith

Safe Locksmith offering Fireproof Home Hollon Safe

We can help with secure safes and vaults. We even have safes for sale.

Safes and safe locks are not something to play with. Allen’s Safe & Lock has years of experience installing, servicing, moving, delivery, and opening safes. Our safe shop is located in Montgomery TX because we are locksmiths in Montgomery TX. Safe opening is a learned skill. Our years of experience has made us extremely efficient at opening safes, repairing safes, and servicing safes. As you can see by this opened safe, it has a safe lock and 5 bolts that hook into the body of the safe. If you hire an inexperienced Montgomery locksmith, you could cost yourself a perfectly good safe and overspend on safe locksmith service.

Gun Safe Opened by a safe locksmith


Safe Locksmith in Montgomery TX

Over 25 years of licensed locksmith service and thousands of happy customers.


Safe Installation

Allen’s Safe & Lock is a safe installer. We can deliver and bolt down safes to wood or concrete. We can even install a wall safe.


Vault Opening

Bank vaults and cash vaults are able to be opened with our talented safe locksmith technicians.


Opening Safes

We have been opening safes for over 25 years. We use our commercial locksmith and residential locksmith knowledge to help us crack safes.

Safe Locksmith in Montgomery TX moving and delivering a safe on a safe trailer

Affordable Safe Locksmith

Safe locksmith service is a highly skilled niche. We have years of training and education through the Safe and Vault Technicians Association, National Safemans Organization, Associated Locksmiths of American, and plenty of on the job training. Our safe locksmith services are affordable for anyone looking to install, repair, or replace safes. We can also change safe combination, unlock safes, drill safes, secure safes, program electronic safe locks, or change safe locks. If you’re locked out of your safe in an emergency situation, give us a call – we can run emergency locksmith safe service calls.


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